Late Afternoon on the Beach - Fakarava, 2014

Ancient Field - Palestinian Territories, 2013

Evening in the Woods Up North - Harbor Springs, 2013

South Pacific Sunset - Bora Bora, 2013

This is a classic South Pacific sky. Super dramatic clouds. Gorgeous.

Polynesian Horseshoes - Huahine, 2013

Outrigger Departure - Mo’orea, 2013

Outrigger Arrival - Mo’orea, 2013

Shepherd and Flock - Israel, 2013

“He was a gentle, good-natured fellow, and I was fond of him, but I never sympathized with this desire to shut himself up for the rest of his life in a little farm of his own. It’s the correct thing to say that a man needs no more than six feet of earth. But six feet is what a corpse needs, not a man. And they say, too, now, that if our intellectual classes are attracted to the land and yearn for a farm, it’s a good thing. But these farms are just the same as six feet of earth. To retreat from town, from the struggle, from the bustle of life, to retreat and bury oneself in one’s farm — it’s not life, it’s egoism, laziness, it’s monasticism of a sort, but monasticism without good works. A man does not need six feet of earth or a farm, but the whole globe, all nature, where he can have room to display all the qualities and peculiarities of his free spirit.”

Gooseberries by Anton Chekhov

I struggle with this. The Farm has an appeal.

“If science is exciting and art is exhilarating, the schools and universities have achieved the not inconsiderable feat of rendering both dull.”
— Walker Percy

Mystical Paddle - Alaska, 2012

Glacier Landing - Taku Glacier, 2012